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Print & Play files

Funfair Rulebook (PDF)

Update 10 Aug 2020


Funfair PnP cards - front (PDF)

Updated 23 Aug 2020

Funfair PnP cards - back  (PDF)

Updated 7 Jul 2020


Files and instructions for updating from previous Print &  Play versions. 


Funfair board (PDF)

Updated 22 Jun 2020 


Quick conversion from Unfair

Use Unfair card backs:  you can use sleeves with Unfair cards slipped inside as the backing, so you only need to print the card fronts. For the card backs you can use existing Park, Blueprint, Funfair City, Gate, and Showcase cards, with Game Changer cards as the back for the new Award cards.

Use Unfair board: there's no need to print the Funfair board if you don't want to. The Award cards can sit off the edge of the board, since they're only used as a reminder, and not actively drawn during play.

Coins: We would like to test whether the number of coins in Funfair is enough (50 x "1", 24 x "5", 4 x "25"). Since Unfair doesn't have as many "1" coins as Funfair, you will need to use something else as currency so that you have the right number available (or if you use the Unfair coins, let us know if you have a situation where you run out, and how many extra you needed).



PnP printing size test page

PnP test page supplied courtesy of Funfair's big brother, Unfair.

Use this sheet to test that your printer will print the cards at the right size, without wasting a lot of toner to find the right settings.

Your printer may not print to the correct size even when set to "100%" or "actual size", so you may need to adjust the percentage up or down to make the page print at the correct size.

For example, one printer in our office requires a setting of 99%, and another requires 101% to produce the correct size.


These files are provided for personal use only. They may be printed on your own printer or at a commercial copy / printing centre, providing the copies are for your own use and not for sale.